Jeannine’s was started in 1985. They sold muffins, scones and cookies which quickly became popular. It was not unusual for customers on their way to work in downtown Santa Barbara, to double park and dash-in to the postage stamp-sized shop, for their morning bakery fix.

The Hardey family took over the bakery in 1992. Mrs. Hardey may have been a novice to the restaurant bizz, but she had enough savvy to expand the company. She opened Jeannine’s on Upper State Street, at the corner of Ontare Road in 1993. Five years later, she expanded Jeannine’s to include breakfast and lunch, and opened two new locations.


Jeannine’s remains a staple in Santa Barbara and Montecito, celebrating 30 years of real-authentic food. In 2014, the Jeannine’s family decided to expand their brand with a new concept, a Gourmet Food Hall, just outside of the Santa Barbara area in Westlake Village. High quality baked goods, gourmet coffee/espresso drinks, and consistently delicious, family-friendly, breakfast, lunch and dinner items, are the cornerstone of the Jeannine’s brand.

The Westlake Village location features carefully curated offerings to fit any palate. Including The Coffee Project, featuring a selection of craft coffee roasters, Intelligentsia and Peet’s Coffee, fresh juice, and homemade pastries. Jeannine’s Gourmet Food hall has been made complete featuring a full bar, Jeannine’s classic breakfast and lunch menu and Oh!Matsuri Kitchen, which includes ramen, tempura and curry.

In addition to grab and go and dine-in meals, Jeannine’s takes pride in their catering options
for both private and corporate gatherings.

The Jeannine’s brand encompasses both trend and tradition. We are committed to offering exceptional service, fresh, local and quality food with delectable cocktails to match. Jeannine’s is an everyday destination with everything from breakfast to dinner and all of your dining needs in between.



Hardey Family Traditions


The Face Behind Jeannine’s

Eleanor Hardey

It may surprise that the woman behind Jeannine’s restaurants is named Eleanor.
“People call me Jeannine all the time. I didn’t want to change the name because it’s part of the community,” said Eleanor Hardey
The 80-year-old youthful grandmother of six is the wife of Gordon Hardey, well-known local real estate executive, and the mother of four grown children: Eloise, Holly and Alison, and son, better known as Gordy.
Mrs. Hardey gave up a much-beloved career as a teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School to take on a venture about which she knew nothing – at the age of 63.
“I taught for 25 years and loved every moment. I missed it so much,” she recalled wistfully. “It took me awhile to realize I could use all the skills I had learned as a mother and a teacher to run the business.”
Jeannine’s has since been passed down to Gordy, the Hardey family continues to run restaurant as it was intended.

Eleanor Hardey